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> Zazen meditation?  How do I go about finding a group in my area?
>   Holly

You can do google searches for "Zen Centers" or "meditation group" and 
such in your area.  Groups are optional for doing zazen but they are 
helpful.  They don't even have to be Zen groups specifically.  I go to 
a group often that is just part of the Philadelphia Buddhist 
Association. They're not affiliated with any particular school, such 
as Zen.

Suzuki will give you the skinny on Zazen in Zen Mind, Beginners mind, 
but he does have you doing full Lotus, which for most mortals is a bit 
painful.  You are OK to do a number of postures including half lotus.  

This is one of the best online writeups on Zazen I've seen.


It has a good list of postures including just sitting in a chair.

Full Disclosure: I have visited this monastery and will probably 
become a student at some point, but I found this online article before 
I knew it was even a place I could go to!

Amazingly there are lots of ways to do zazen even though you're just 
sitting there.  Shikantaza, concentration (in the form of just 
focusing on the breaths or counting them, and koan introspection are 
the ones you find most commonly.

For somebody starting out, the best place to start is usually 
concentration by counting the breath.  At least that is how it was 
taught to me and it makes sense.  With the power of concentration 
(joriki) you are calming your mind and allowing yourself to choose 
where you put your attention rather than have your mind all over the 


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