On Wednesday, April 05, 2006 czqian3 posted:

>Well, my shifu said that it is highly recommended to meditate
>(sitting) in the chan hall with full lotus but is not absolutely 
>required. And those doing half lotus or not even half lotus ( i 
>donno what name is called) are encouraged to self-practise full 
>lotus at their free time, or the japanese sitting posture, what's 
>the term for it?. Well, I didnt recall if he mentioned if there is a 
>need to change positions on full lotus.  Normally I observed that 
>the elders who are old or those who are sick who cannot be in that 
>posture can just sit on a chair, as long as they are not disturbed 
>too much by the feeling skandha, and be on track with their hua-tou. 

czqian3,  Thanks for you posts.

What is a 'shifu', 'chan hall' (I think I can guess these two but would like
to hear from you), 'feeling skandha' and 'hua-tou', and in what disciplines
are these terms used?


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