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> There is one fellow cultivator in my cultivation group where he did 
his retreat for a year in another place previosly and using half 
lotus meditation, and soon later he found that his backbone started 
to bend to one corner and this is a frustration for him that will 
affect his daily life routines. My zen shifu  always encourages full 
lotus posture, even the late Ven. Master Hsuan Hua stresses greatly 
on full lotus posture. However for his case, my zen shifu recommended 
that he may try to rectify this problem by using another half lotus 
sitting posture in the opposite direction for some time. And for 
those who insist in using half lotus posture, it is recommended that 
they change directions every on alternate meditation sessions.  

Yes, I ask a lot of questions of my yoga friends, they say to 
alternate, so I do.

I am trying to alternate in full lotus as well, but for some reason 
it is extremely hard for me to do it the other way.  Everything keeps 
slipping out.  I have to use a pillow under my right foot (which is 
on top when reversed) to keep it from escaping!  

I figure once I get flexibility in this position that won't be 
necessary.  I have been doing it the other way only (though not 
regularly) for years.

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