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> I have noticed that difference between half and full lotus myself.  
Most of
> the time I sit half just because that position allows me to sit for 
a hour
> at a time.  I have only recently (within the past 6 months or so) 
been able
> to achieve full-lotus and can only go about 20-30 minutes before I 
feel like
> I need to get some blood flowing.  I do notice, though, that full-
> seems to be a much more stable position and allows for breath that 
may be
> more natural than sitting in half.  Full-lotus requires less minor
> adjustments and alignments during meditation, ie: more stillness.  
> It seems to me in the West full-lotus is not emphasized strictly, 
due to the
> fact that most people in the US are not generally quite as flexible 
as other
> places where Yoga and meditation are more commonly used.  Many 
> simply don't bend that way, and it's damaging to force oneself into 
> position.  In order for many to achieve full lotus, it takes a few 
years of
> cautious stretching in order to be able to not overstrain ones-self 
and get
> a messed up ankle or knee.  
> Keep stretching your ankles, knees and hips in order to sit longer 
and more
> comfortably in full-lotus.  However, be very careful about how you 
go about
> it.  Torn knee cartilage may be a very painful and difficult thing 
> overcome =)  It's always best to consult a yogi of some sort, and 
> yourself patience to achieve that goal.  

Well here's the deal.  I am doing half lotus in the morning now, when 
I usually sit for 30 minutes straight.  In the evenings I am working 
on my full lotus in 15 minute intervals on each side, starting with 
the more difficult side.  

Yes, it's very good to have yogi friends.  I have a few. They are 
very helpful.  It is also fun to watch them freak out when you talk 
about sesshins and such.  They are not into the whole "be one with 
your pain" type stuff.  

I started to do some yoga prior to zazen in the mornings, but somehow 
I stopped.  Oddly enough I find that doing yoga is actually more 
boring than just sitting. 


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