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> On Tuesday, April 04, 2006 Ahmed posted:
> >Full lotus is better. Keep at it.
> >If you are knowledgeable in cultivation matters then you should 
know that
> >meditation is NOT just a mind thing. It also naturally involves 
> >your body--chi, mai, kundalini, bindus, etc. [...balance 
> I don't have any real problems with anything Ahmed posted, but I do 
want to
> point out that most of his points had little or nothing to do with 
zen and
> dealt mostly with Taoist teachings.  The thrust of his post seemed 
to be to
> encourage a holistic approach which incorporates Taoism, Buddhism, 
> etc..., which is not a bad idea if that is what you are after.
> Getting back to the original topic - full-lotus position - I can 
state that
> this is just one of many postures that can assist you in 
meditation.  It's
> certainly not required.  Maybe it's the best, maybe not.  That 
depends on
> you and your body-type and body condition.  Since zen, contrary to 
> Ahmed posted, is not concerned with 'cultivation' of the body (as is
> Taoism), it really doesn't matter what physical posture you assume 
> doing meditation.  Full-lotus is probably the best (for all the 
> Ahmed stated) if you can comfortably sit that way.  If you can't 
don't worry
> about it and just sit anyway you can.  Just try to choose a posture 
that is
> stable and allows you to breathe freely.
> The important thing is to sit (zazen).  In fact the ONLY thing that 
> important is to sit (zazen).  Being knowledgeable or understanding 
> about zen, Buddhism, the Dharma, Sutras, Taoism, Hindi, yoga, 
> philosophy, etc..., are not important at all.  They're fun, but not
> important.
> Just sit!
> Kop khoum khrop...Bill!

I would argue that in the early stages of Zen training at most places 
one is "cultivating" Joriki.  The power of concentration, (in 
english) or samadhi.  This can be linked to chi in taoism or even 
kundalini or whatever.  Usually the "just sitting" part is after 
you've developed a bit of concentration.  If you tell a newbie 
to "Just sit" they'll probably just be spacing out most of the time 
becuase they have no concentration. 

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