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> Ahmed, Thanks for your posts.  I didn't reproduce them here because 
of their
> length.
> As you anticipated I do respectfully disagree with about everything 
you said
> regarding "...the usefulness of mental discrimination, 
> organization and cutting the world into pieces."
> In your posts you listed a lot of items in which you felt 
discrimination was
> useful.  I don't disagree with most of these, but discrimination 
and logic
> are not tools that are useful in realizing your Buddha Nature.  In 
fact they
> may be (and are usually) detrimental.

Well, that's funny, becuase the Buddha used them all the time.  

The thing is not getting attached to them.  Do THOSE without 
expectation.  Do those and only those.

> Sitting (zazen) has no purpose.  It is already totally complete.  
It is not
> done to accomplish all the things you talked about.  It is 
certainly not
> done to gain knowledge or, as you suggested, come up with 
solutions.  What
> is it that needs solving?  You seem to have the idea that you if 
you study
> diligently you will 'understand' something, and this understanding 
will help
> you see your Original Face.  There is nothing to understand, and to 
see your
> Original Face all you need to do is sit (zazen) - nothing more.

And how is zazen any different from reading, or studying?  You see 
these things as somehow being different from zazen, somehow 
separate.  But they are all part of the same activity.  Buddha nature 
is not restricted to just sitting.  
> Since you do seem to be someone who is serious about your practice 
and also
> put a lot of value in reading what someone else has to say about 
> matters, I will close by directing you to a quote from Hsin-hsin 
Ming in his
> ancient writing entitled TREATISE ON BEING TRUE TO MIND.  This same 
quote is
> also referenced in several koans attributed to Zen Master Chao-chou 
> the same Joshu who is attributed with the origination of the Koan 
> "The True Way is without difficulty, just refrain from picking and
> choosing."
> Can you think of a better definition for your term 'discrimination' 
> 'picking and choosing'?        

I have two good translations of the Hsin Hsin Ming i'll post if I can 
find them.  First time I read it I didn't like it.  Funny isn't it?  
I already had picked out  my opinion of it.  Must have skipped the 
first line... 

But anyway, I'm just warning to be careful about "picking" zazen as 
being the only activity through which we discover our true face.  
It's in everything we do.  Discriminative thinking is not excluded.
> If you want to solve your interpersonal problems, advance science 
or earn a
> living you certainly should employ your powers of discrimination.  
If you
> want to realize your Original Nature just sit.  If you don't care 
> realizing your Original Nature just sit.  
> Just sitting with no purpose and no expectations is best.  Do that 
and all
> the rest of the stuff you talked about will take care of itself.
> Thanks...Bill!

Or just study, or just read, or just do whatever you do.  But just 
sit too. :)


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