>>[Bill!]...but discrimination and logic 
>>are not tools that are useful in realizing your
>>Buddha Nature.  In fact they may be
>>(and are usually) detrimental.

>[ dkotschessa] Well, that's funny, becuase the Buddha used them all the

It is not my understanding that the story of Siddhartha Buddha includes an
assertion that he used discrimination and logic to obtain enlightenment.  It
is my understanding that the story claims he tried a lot of things and
finally obtained enlightenment after finally giving everything up and
retreated to just sitting under the Bohi tree in what I assume to be a state
of samadhi (shikan-taza in Japanese, no-mind in English), a state which
certainly does not support active discrimination and logic.

The story does support the claims that he certainly did freely use
discrimination and logic before his enlightenment; and also afterwards to
formulate his teachings.

I write my posts pretty much impromptu, and although I try to be careful
with my wording sometimes they are not as clear as I'd like.  In this case I
would like to modify my posting above by adding the word 'FIRST':

...but discrimination and logic 
are not tools that are useful in FIRST realizing your
Buddha Nature.  In fact they may be
(and are usually) detrimental.
>>[Bill!] ...to see your Original Face all you need to do
>>is sit (zazen) - nothing more.

>[dkotschessa] And how is zazen any different from reading, or studying?
>You see these things as somehow being different from zazen, somehow 
>separate.  But they are all part of the same activity.  Buddha nature 
>is not restricted to just sitting.

Zazen is zazen.  Reading and studying are reading and studying.  In that
sense they are different.  After you have seen your Original Face and begin
to actualize your Buddha nature in your everyday life any and all activities
MAY be said to express your Buddha nature.  In that sense they are the same.

Scooby Dooby Doo...Bill!

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