leafjoy, thank you for your interesting response. Can you explain wu-
wei? Thank you very much. ~Blossom~--- In 
Zen_Forum@yahoogroups.com, "mtpathy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> --- In Zen_Forum@yahoogroups.com, "Blossom" <pinkmudblossom@> 
> >
> > Welcome leafjoy (this is a beautiful, peaceful name you have!). 
> > too, am new to this group,(I use to be in this group by another 
> > but left for awhile), though like yourself I've been practicing 
> > buddhism for many years. Close to 20, but seriously for about 14 
> > years. I've not interjected here in this group much, mostly just 
> > reading the posts. But there are a couple other groups I'm in 
> I'm 
> > more active in. I see by your profile you're in OK City. Nice 
> > Hope you like this group and stay awhile! Peace, Blossom~--- In 
> > Zen_Forum@yahoogroups.com, "mtpathy" <leafj0y@> wrote:
> > >
> Well without going into a huge amount of detail theres several
> things that i came across within my own practice and experiences 
> has led me to zen,i suppose the first would be that through 
> in a consistent manner ive learned to focus in on my own thoughts 
> emotions so that im always concious of them,and in my own way i 
> been teaching myself how to move within them,understand the deeper
> meanings behind them,and i suppose learning to understand why 
> action brings a reaction,and exploring this ive found that emotion
> itself colors perception.
> I'm honestly not intrested in exploring Zen as a religious 
> as in Zen Buddhism,but im instead intrested in exploring zen as a 
> practice of self.
> Ive only read two books,the first was refered to me by my aikido 
> teacher,the books Being Zen by Ezra Bayda this book really made me
> take a step back and look at my own practices that ive developed
> and showed me methods that i havn't yet come to on working with 
> unfocused emotions and thoughts.
> the other book that ive been reading lately is The Three Pillars of
> Zen,by Philip Kapleau.
> and this book has opened me up to a complely new practice of focus/
> meditation that i wouldn't have ever found any other way.
> the things ive practiced so far in the book are..
> #1sitting within zazen,categorizing and contemplating thoughts that
> arise,and by stating/categorizing these things as "what is this"
> finding that they are less part of self as much as there part of 
> habit.
> #2wall meditation, following the breath in line with thought to 
> both on the same path without wondering.
> #3then theres the gradule letting go of breath and thought,to sit 
> void,which my mind does light back up into the 1st or 2nd step at
> that time its just starting over and repeating.
> Likewise.  I'll elaborate a bit more soon.   Right now, I'm keen 
on Wu-
> Wei.  Are
> you familiar with it?  Actionless action.   Pretty cool.   Speak 
> you soon.
> isn't wu-wei meditation without contemplation,what the last 
> i wrote is supposed to achieve? #3.
> Also thanks for the comment on my nick "leafj0y",it is and has 
> been a metaphore for my practice.
> salutations

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