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> Do you have experience with practicing Zen in nature? Like, where do 
> you go, what do you do, how do people react, what have you learned 
> to do, ...
> Summer is definitely coming up here, which means I like to go out 
> instead of staying in. Doing zazen in nature seems nice to me. I 
> haven't done it yet however... It seems a bit strange to me to sit 
> zazen in, say, a park or a forest. I wouldn't feel at ease, I think, 
> when others pass by. And what about the rule about sitting zazen 
> before a wall, preferably white? 
> Do Zen Masters mention something about this issue?
> Eugene

Well there's entire schools of "Forest monks" and stories of people 
going into the woods to practice, and people going into caves and and 

But yes for most of us this would tend to be looked upon as more 
strange or anti-social behavior.  Nonetheless it can be done.

I have done it as part of a run/hike where I sort of tried to get 
myself into a more remote part of a foresty type area.  I didn't 
really bring anything so I just kind of sat on a rock somewhere.  
Unfortunately I didn't bring water so I had to stop and head back for 
fear of dehydration.

It was a public park (Valley forge national historic park) where 
people often run and hide through, but it was also the middle of the 

One thing I would like to do is schedule a solitary camping trip and 
just spend a few days sitting by a fire.  I'll probably bring books 
to, and yes, food and water.

I think it's a great thing to do.  You just have to make arrangements 
unless you have a forest in your back yard.

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