Hello Bill,

I agree with you: that unless there is a overwhelming
mass influx of questionable participants with
questionable motives, my posting will likely stay as
yours. Unfortunately not everyone sees the realities
of the WWW and it's "Wild Westian" ways. I have a 15
year old daughter who I am currently teaching
"discretion" to. I show her what to watch for, what
signs are "red flags" etc... I also teach her not to
"not do anything" just because of fear, but evaluate,
dissemintate and make logical informed decisions based
on these(and then be prepared to decide low/high risk
and to learn to live with the consequences). So far
this has been harder that teaching her to drive:)

Actually, as banal as this conversation may have been,
I do view it as Zen discussion,(as all of life is
Zen), but will add that it is obviously not about the
"nuts and bolts" of Zen or "meatier" topics.

P.S. I made the switch 6 months ago to the same high
speed access and have loved it ever since. Now there
is more Zen than my small intellect can assimilate! :)

--- Bill Smart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On June 15 Zen Warrior wrote:
> >You may have misunderstood my message. I am aware
> >signing onto this that it was a forum (and all the
> >good/bad that goes with it). I also never stated
> that
> >I had high privacy expectations (or any at all for
> that
> >matter). [...balance snipped...]
> Zen Warrior - I did misunderstand your messages.  I
> thought you were
> surprised and complaining about the lack of privacy.
>  My apologies.
> It is a valid consideration for some, however, and
> was a useful topic to
> bring up.  At least it prompted Al to conduct a poll
> on the matter - and
> we'll just have to wait and see the results.  I
> didn't know Al had the
> option of securing the posts.
> As for me, however, I don't think the content of my
> posts will change
> whether the posts are googleable or not.  And in
> some ways I kind of agree
> with Al (Oops!  Did I say that?)  that someone
> somewhere just might stumble
> across the forum in a web search - and that's a good
> thing.  Of course if
> that someone wants harm me because of something I've
> said and uses the forum
> to track me down - that's a bad thing.  But, like I
> said in my previous
> posts, the current benefits for me outweigh the
> unlikely detriments.
> And speaking of benefits, WHERE'S ALL THE ZEN
> posting did at least generate some activity on the
> forum, which has been
> noticeably lacking lately, in fact ever since J*RV*S
> was very ceremonially
> disposed of.  I wonder if there's a connection
> there...?
> So...all of you who are 'lurking' on the forum -
> think up of some good
> topics!  I'm working in Singapore for another week
> or so and have access to
> a 100Mb link.  I'm ready to PAR-TIC-I-PATE at high
> speeds!
> ...Bill!

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