From: "Bill Smart" <Hey!  A real posting!  Thanks Donald.  I'm in your debt.
My high-speed response follows:>

The way your message was formatted I could not tell which ones were your
remarks or Donald's. Maybe I need glasses? Another sign of old age.

I appreciate very much Donald's original remarks, and also yours.

It is hard to maintain a group of good-hearted people happy on an internet
list. There are so many reasons not to participate. There are so many forces
pulling people apart at every level.

Every day, many people have some conflicts with their spouses, children,
parents, loved ones, friends, workers, and the advertising media that wants
to turn everyone into consumers of the latest trends, foods, clothes, music,
movies, etc.

We are constantly being pulled in hundreds of directions. So many wonderful
people have participated on this list and then suddenly disappeared, that
sometimes I am afraid to get used to appreciating the contributions of Bill,
Donald, or any number of other people.

Remember Neutral Milk? Was a very positive contributor for several years,
then one day (who can tell when?) he or she was gone. The e-mail address
started bouncing, and we never heard from Neutral Milk again. What happened?
Lost interest in Zen? Get married? Get sick? Move somewhere without an
internet connection?

Who can tell? So I guess one interesting thing that I have learned on this
forum is that relationships are very fragile and you really need to
appreciate them every moment. There is no guarantee anyone will ever post
again, like there is no guarantee that you or your loved one will be awake
tomorrow. Life is a very fleeting thing.

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