It is a relief that we have postings, so that Al will not worry about it.  I guess I better continue...

I sense the energy and fast fingers of Bill. It is positive. That is wonderful. Since so much is covered by him, we may want to start by focus on just some of the issues, so that we don't get lost in words, or attahched to words.

"Real Posting" is not real. No posting is real.  All is relative to the moment.

The only "form that is real" is the life force of Zen. That is the carrier, the energy, the wave, the enabler, the under taker of all messages, perceptions, menifestation,..... relative to the moment.

State of "No self" is no different that of "false form". It is to help to block the mind, the head, the brain, the thinking,  the logic, the opinion, etc. so to reach emptiness or Nirvana.  After that enables the possibility of connecting or in sync with Zen, Buddha Nature or Inner Divine or enlightenment.

"Opinions, karmas", like our mind, disturb the purity of our Inner self, blocking us from connecting to the universal energy and wisdom.

How else do we integrate our body, mind and spirit to be ONE?

Are we having fun now? :-)

A big smile to you all,

Bill Smart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Friday, June 16 donald hwong wrote:

Hey! A real posting! Thanks Donald. I'm in your debt. My high-speed
response follows:

>With Palms together,
With palms spread out over my keyboard,

>Zen is defined as the universal life force and wisdom. It emcompasses all.
Zen is not definable. Any attempt to define it limits it.  Best not to try.

>Once we had an opinion, we have foresaken the ones with opposite opinion. 
Then we >are not in sync with Zen, we are in sync only with our mind.
Having opinions does not mean you have 'foresaken' others. Opinions are
fine. Placing values on opinions (such as good, bad, right, wrong) is where
you start to get off on the wrong track.

>Karma of this world distributes, we can not remain purified, if we keep
every effort to >ourselves. Everyone is part of this life force of Zen,
whether he/she is aware or not.
Karma cannot 'distribute' or influence if there is no self which it can
target or on which it can attach. When there is no-self there is no karma.
No-self also cannot be assigned values like 'purified' or 'defiled'. What
is it that is 'purified' or 'defiled'?

>There is a reason for everything, everyone, every event in this universe.
The need for seeking reasons and justifications springs from a desire to
understand; and a desire to understand comes from a need for the comfort and
feeling of control that brings. No-self does not need to control or
understand. No-self seeks no reasons.

>If you are connected, you need not to be afraid, because Zen dictates
everything. It >always provides, harmonizes and balances.
No-self is not connected since there is no other-thing to which a connection
can be formed. Zen does not dictate or provide. What is there that is
lacking that needs to be dictated or provided? Harmonies and balances are
values, and again are not applicable to no-self.

>A deep bowl to you all.
A quick punch of the keyboard to send this on its high-speed way...

>Be Joyous.


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