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know if I use one that is easy to read.

On Saturday, June 17 Donald wrote:

[Donald...] ...snip...  I sense the energy and fast fingers of Bill. It is
positive. That is wonderful. Since so much is covered by him, we may want to
start by focus on just some of the issues, so that we don't get lost in
words, or attahched to words.

I wholeheartedly agree it is very important not to get lost in or attached
to words, but how can we do that when we are communicating in a word-only
medium?  That has been a continual challenge for me on this forum.

[Donald...] "Real Posting" is not real. No posting is real.  All is relative
to the moment.

Well, your posting was 'real' when I first read it - at that moment.  I
imagine your posting was 'real' when you were writing it - at that moment.
Maybe it's not real now, I don't know.  I'm reading THIS posting NOW.  And
NOW there is no other posting. 

[Donald...] The only "form that is real" is the life force of Zen. That is
the carrier, the energy, the wave, the enabler, the under taker of all
messages, perceptions, menifestation,..... relative to the moment.

I can live with that. 

[Donald...] State of "No self" is no different that of "false form". It is
to help to block the mind, the head, the brain, the thinking,  the logic,
the opinion, etc. so to reach emptiness or Nirvana.  After that enables the
possibility of connecting or in sync with Zen, Buddha Nature or Inner Divine
or enlightenment.

I agree with the first part of the above statement, but not with the last.
My objection is still with the word (words again!) 'connection'.  Connection
implies there are two or more separate entities.  When you reach the state
you (and I) described as 'no-mind' you realize that you ARE Buddha, that you
ARE constantly manifesting Buddha Nature and in fact that you always have.
No connection is required.

[Donald...] "Opinions, karmas", like our mind, disturb the purity of our
Inner self, blocking us from connecting to the universal energy and wisdom.

This is true, but it is true because opinions and karma are illusions
created by self.  When self dissolves so do opinions and karma.  That
doesn't mean you are a spineless rag doll with no direction.  That means you
and your direction are one and the same.  Opinions and karma have no place
to attach.

[Donald...] How else do we integrate our body, mind and spirit to be ONE?

We let go of our attachment to our body, mind and spirit.  They are
illusions.  To do that we sit, and sit, and sit and sit some more...and of
course from time to time play some snooker.

[Donald...] Are we having fun now? :-)


[Donald...] A big smile to you all,

What does 'JMJM' mean?


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