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Zen is the One True and not Two.  It is the enforcer, enabler of all menifestations of the universe.  It is in the domain of energy. Dharma is thereby always "transmitted" and not taught or ceremonialized.

Knowledge about Zen, Buddhism, Dao, JMJM, are in the domain of our mind through our seven consciousness.

These two domains do not intersect. (And our flesh is sadly in a third domain, which we have not even touched upon.)

I share as "it is".

No matter what I post, I can not make anyone to "sync" with  the energy of Zen.

Therefore I have not posted a single word worth anyone's effort to dive into it, disect, analyze, compare, agree or disagree. These are the activity for the domain of knowledge.

May I add the following for the knowledge domain..

Osho said, "Zen is the most beautiful thing.  It is supreme mix of the essence of Dao and Buddhism."

Dao Te Zin said, "Any descriptive Dao is not the Dao." 

While the third patriarch said, "The way is not hard, if we don't pick or choose."

Allow me to repeat, all menifestions is due to Zen, whether we accept all or partial. 

Let us not be lost in the messages, but be in sync the carrier.

Be Joyous,

Bill Smart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Saturday, June 17 donald hwong (JMJM) wrote:

If so I disagree.

So...I don't completely resonate with
I don't like the pretentiousness of it.
a definition is, I think, misleading.

This is another 'I can live with that' statement.
I don't completely disagree with what you've said, but I don't like the way

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