Good Morning Bill,

I am sorry that I have lost you. It is due to my haste. As human, my I excuse my haste by stating that it was Father's Day?

I apologize.  My previous posts are to be read as a cloud, just absorb it without dive into it to find out its humidity, temperature, formation.

Let me try again with concept more familiar......

Zen is one.  Everything that is happening in this universe is part of this one. All subsets are incomplete.

If we are part of this one, we can accept all arguments, all methods, all idealogy, all and everything that is being menifested, because now "we" are the "one" who is the creator, provider, and the undertaker. (do not be attached to the exact definition of these descriptors.)

If we stand on, agree to, can not live with just a part of it, then we are abandoning the others. Then we are not in sync with Zen. We are what we are and not complete as "it".

All studies and definitions of Zen, Buddhism, Dao, JMJM, Dharma, etc. are just names and not the real things itself. (repeatedly in Diamond Sutra), because sutras are for  our convenience, for wakening up our Inner Self, so that we can begin to practice to allow our Inner Self to shine to be in sync with or connected to or resonate with the power of Zen.(or the life force, or the wisdom, or the Way, or the Path, these are just words)

If we look at  2,500 Zen or Buddhism as a whole, the evolvement of every sect is affected by cause and effect. In searching for true Dharma, we often are lost among the branches.  Get to the trunk does require merits cultivated from past lives.

If our body is flesh, our mind is logic, and our spirit is an energy form, (However you prefer to define it) how do we integrate or connect these three parts into one?

What is true Dhrma?  What is the true purpose of "Chan Sit"?

This post is to wake us up and understand our own limitations and not to take a position. 

Thank you for your patience.

With palm together I remain, yours truly,

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