On Monday, June 19 donald hwong (JMJM) wrote:

[JMJM...]...snip...My previous posts are to be read as a cloud, just absorb
it without dive into it to find out its humidity, temperature, formation.

Okay...I'm really going to TRY this time...

[JMJM...]Zen is one.  Everything that is happening in this universe is part
of this one. All subsets are incomplete.

Okay...Let's see if I can follow this:  If everything is one, and that is
all there is (one), then where do the subsets come from?  There can be no
subsets if there is only the one.  A subset is a division of a higher
classification, so by definition if there are subsets (plural) there are
more than one things.  Now, if there WERE subsets they would by definition
be 'incomplete' when compared with the whole, the one.  If they were
'complete' they would be the one, and we couldn't have that, could we?
These subsets, however, can be grouped together into one superset if you'd
like (zen?).  Who is, by the way, creating these subsets?  And for that
matter, who is creating the one?  You?  Your self?

[JMJM...]If we are part of this one...snip...

Wait a minute!  Since you've stated above that, "Everything that is
happening in this universe is part of this one.", then how can you set a
condition such as 'if', as in "If we are a part of the one...".  I didn't
know there was a possibility that we could NOT be part of the one.  Of
course we are a part of the one.  Everything is part of the one.  But hold
on, if there are distinct, separate PARTS of this one (like we) then there
isn't really any one anymore.  There's all these little incomplete subsets
(we) running around and there is not just only a one at all!  Whoa!  That
boggles my mind (incomplete subset of the one that it is)!

I think you're right.  Your posts are like a cloud - or maybe more like a


P.S.  Here's a hint:  If you address your posts to the one (the superset,
the Forum), and not directly to the incomplete subset named Bill!, I won't
feel obligated to respond.  That would probably be a good thing for both you
and I and the superset. 

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