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Let us try with more familiar terms...

Focus on the present moment enables us to put down our mind and its derivatives, just observe every moment independent of the previous. Let the moment be the teacher.

Like what the Six Patriarch said in his "Tan Jing", "No notion means every notion is independent." Or simply free ourselves from our mind.

After 2,500 years of Buddhism, how do we learn?

There are differences in interpretations, languages, practices?  Every way that is avaible to us is a way to learn, because our past lives, we are always expose to a limited and certain number
of ways, statements, encounters, relationships, events, etc.

Like a sponge, just absorb everything that is coming our way and try to benefit from it.

If we defend our position and reject any, we are attaching to our limited knoweldge.  This is the devil of our mind.

If we doubt the truthfulness of it, then are we are having suspicion, one of the five poisons of our mind.

If we think we know more, then it is our pride at work.

If we become irritated, because someone pick on us, it is anger.

These are the foundations of Buddhism illustrating the danger our mind.

These are how we read Sutra as well as any statement from anyone, because Zen is One, or more clearly, Everything in this universe.  Zen is a wholesome One.  Being a Zen practitioner is to live it in every moment, and not just during meditation.

If we not understand it, because we did not know.
If we don't believe, because we are arrogant.
If we having doubt, because our heart is closed.

There is no need to dissect every word or every paragraph, agree or disagree.  If we do that, then we are taking up a position, that limits our absorption of more knowledge.  We need every knowledge until we are awakened to the fact that we are enslaved by our mind.  Then we can truly benefit from Zen practice.  Otherwise, it is merely a mental excercise, which my Master coined as, "Human Buddhism".

We need not be fear, because Zen asked nothing in return by providing everything.  We are always provided for.  Are we not?

Just be grateful.  Calm down, Be a master of our mind. So That Our Spirit can shine through.

With Palms Together,


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