Thank you Frank for rescue me, as well as clarify the issue.  Mis-quote can delay the enlightenment of too many practitioners, it is too heavy a burden for me to bear.

Now I realized that I did not translate correctly.  The original text in Chinese says: "Zen Is One True Dharma". (禪是一真法界) It definitely does not mean "The One".  One True is interpreted to be the only "Real Form".  It is sometimes translated into "Suchness", "It".

Similary,  the word "heart" in Chinese is used both for the word "mind" and the word for "heart". It has mislead a lot of peope for generations.

I have learned again.  Will be more careful next time.

A deep bowl to you,

enroute05 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Okay...Let's see if I can follow this: If everything is one,
> and that is all there is (one), then where do the subsets come
> from? There can be no subsets if there is only the one. A
> subset is a division of a higher classification, so by
> definition if there are subsets (plural) there are more than
> one things. Now, if there WERE subsets they would by definition
> be 'incomplete' when > compared with the whole, the one. If
> they were 'complete' they would be the one, and we couldn't
> have that, could we? These subsets, however, can be grouped
> together into one superset if you'd like (zen?). Who is, by
> the way, creating these subsets? And for that matter, who is
> creating the one? You? Your self?

Hi, Bill. Bravo. This comes straight out of the point of the
main Mahayana philosophy - the Madhyamika. Ever get into that?
On the utter indescribability of ultimate truths and the
misleading nature of language with its neat subjects and objects.

I don't claim expertise in that department but what little I know
has changed the way I understand Zen practice. The main problem
is in "reifying" (giving reality) to ideas and language. Language
actually is empty (the finger isn't the moon) but is still useful
in practical, goal-driven ways. Koans and poetry, especially
haiku, are useful. Language in phone books, instruction manuals,
etc., is useful but even that can be misleading or plain wrong.

Donald'statement that "everything happening in this universe is
part of this one" - misleads because it makes "one" an object to
be desired and comprehended. It sets up an I-thou that won't be
resolved till the duality is erased - and ordinary language can
never handle that.

More important, in a negative way, is clinging to the idea of
"one", or to anything else.

So, what's happening in Ahngnam?

~ Frank


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