Hey Frank, (and everyone)

This 'one' business sounds like the idea of total cosmic oneness, 
which seems fairly pointless. Not that a bit of pointlessness can't 
be enjoyable, I just don't have a high tolerance for it myself. 

Zen is simple, but most people appear to have a need to make it 
complicated and filled with ritual. Is that need a 'bad' thing? Is 
clinging to the idea of 'one' negative? Each person's path is 
different, some paths appear widely different, others seem to be 
almost the same. I don't see 'Zen' as having a beginning or an end or 
a set course or series of dance steps. If the buddha rolls down a 
hill (the fat, happy buddha, not the skinny ones) has he lost his way 
or is his way rolling down the hillside? If the buddha were a 
chartered accountent, would his path be too mundane to be enlightened?

If you follow the idea of 'one' isn't that your path, your personal 
way? I'd say, don't knock it, even if it doesn't work for you, 
because the way that works for you isn't anyone elses way. So I guess 
I disagree with you about some things. I think words are as real as 
anything else, they certainly can hurt, so don't give me the finger 
or the moon, please. I think I'll keep my duality and not go erasing 
it, never know when it might come in handy.

The thing I like about feeling zen is that it relieves suffering, 
relives it better than aspirin, better than any over the counter or 
perscription pain reliever. While suffering is part of existence I 
don't like it, which is my path, fighting against suffering. I don't 
see that following the idea of 'one' creates suffering in anyone, so 
I'm all for it even if I don't follow it myself.

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