Regarding "Zen Is One."
Tuesday, June 20,
jasonzavoda wrote:

> I don't see that following the idea of 'one' creates suffering in anyone,
> so I'm all for it even if I don't follow it myself.

Hi, Jason.  My favorite "one" story is from the Mumonkan, Case 3, Gutei Raises
A Finger.  (also in the Hekiganroku, Case 19, but without some delicious detail).

"Whenever Gutei Osho was asked about Zen, he simply raised his finger. 
One day a visitor asked Gutei's boy attendant, 'What does your master
teach?'  The boy, too, raised a finger.  Hearing of this, Gutei cut off the
boy's finger with a knife.  The boy, screaming with pain, began to run away. 
Gutei called to him and when he turned around, Gutei raised his finger. 
The boy suddenly became enlightened."

Jason writes:

> If you follow the idea of 'one', isn't that your path, your personal
> way?  I'd say, don't knock it, even if it doesn't work for you,
> because the way that works for you isn't anyone else's way. 
> So I guess I disagree with you about some things.

Okay with me.  Whatever works.  'One' doesn't work for me.

~ Frank



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