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It is so enjoyable to observe the ripple when a stone is tossed into the pond.  Namaste to you all.

Either we are attached to "NOT having a definition for Zen", or "having a definition for Zen" are both dualistic. 

Similarly, when we are attached to the practice we familiar as "Zazen", while there are many other practices also called ZaZen or ZenZa, could be a filtering effect caused by our mind.

Zen is always what it is.  Whether we like it, don't it, works for me, not working for me, agree or disagree.  Who is ME?

Because Zen is a life force, it can not be described or defined by words.  Worst if it is defined, then most of us would cling to it.  Just like we cling to our teachrs often.  It is for the wellbeing of practitioners not to define it but to connect to it.  When we get to that state of connection, any of us can witness it as, or like a "life force".

Yet, "Life force is not a life force, just called a life force."  Sounds familiar?

Then if we avoid not be attached to "having or not having a definition." nor to "ZaZen this way or ZaZen that way", what do we do?

Our Inner Self will know.  Why are we still here discussing?  Why are we still here sharing? Or even why are we still here?

Osho said something like this, "Dharma is like a cloud, absorb its beauty as a whole and make it yours to enrich your life, not to dive in and disect it, compare it, find out its formation. If you can not do that, then the cloud does not exist.  Or does it?"

Traditional Zen teachers tried hard to avoid a dualistic situation between them and their students, that is why they do not take a stance in anything.  That is why traditional Linji, and TsaoDong, used stick and yelling instead.  Teachers are to wake us up our InnerSelf and let us "get it" ourselves.  Not to take a stand and force us to compare, agree or disagree.

Due to the limitation of personal experiences, words can be  misinterpreted, just get the general concept and enrich our lives.

Seek this way or that way is not a decision to be made by our mind. Give our Inner Self a chance.   Let it experience and witness itself.   Don't judge or compare.

Again, Namaste to Your All,
Donald The One (Just kidding)

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