Hui Neng, the Sixth Patriarch, mentioned in his "Tan Jing" about "No Notion"  (Roughly translated from Chinese)

"No Notion" does not mean no thought.  Rather it means every notion is and can be "independent" from the previous ones. And most importantly, whether we are meditating or not.

Life is somewhat like fireworks.  We rush and hurry all of our lives to the highest point and give our final blast to shine for others. At that moment, there is no self, only others. 

"Giving", the First Act For Perfection which directs our attention to others from ourselves, is also the first step toward the purification of spiritual karma.

As we "independentize" every notion of ours, every moment becomes a new venture, a new exploration, and every one we meet becomes a new person we can "share" our joy and witness with.

Be joyous on Independence Day,

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