Hi all, the following is submitted in response to "not seeking for enlightenment."

Yes, "Seeking" or "searching" is no different than attachment, which imprints our consciousness with impurities hindering us from being connected to the life force and wisdom of Zen.

Yet, what is enlightenment?  Following is what I have learnt and witnessed so far for your reference.  The key word is "so far".  Somehow not complete and always partial.

The first step is Purification.  Purifing the karma of our "body, mind and spirit".  Rid of bad Chi(karma) we accumulated from everyday and every past days through relationships or just living. Body is the bridge.  It needs to be clean in order to tune up to the right station.

Karma of our mind includes those from both the present lives as well as our past lives.  Trascend  the three realms -- desire, form and the formless.  Purifying the mind means "no self", and "no mind" blocking the way. "Seeking and searching" is part of this type of karma.

Karma of our spirit are present due to the cause and effect of our present and past lives.  These karma are present in the people we love as well we hate.  Performing the Six Act of Perfection helps to cleanse these karma.

The Second Step is Wisdom.

Focusing on the present moment helps to rid of the ego and seeing the emptiness of manifestation.  Or reaching Nirvana.

The trap for practitioners at this stage is the attachment to the "Terminal Emptiness" (斷滅空)Many practitioners practice "Withered Zen" (枯禪).  It is a lifeless form of meditation.

Yet, without reaching this stage, we can not witness "Exquisite Existence from True Vacancy".(真空妙有)。
At this stage, glimpses of "Real Forms" can be sensed connecting ourselves to the discomfort or notions of others.  This is the beginning of Wisdom or Enlightenment.  Or some called the connection as One.

The Third stage is the Consummation

Now that we have no ego, no mind and some wisdom some of the time, we practice the Six Act of Perfection -- Giving, Respect, Patience, Effort, Focus, Wisdom. This allows us to consummate ourselves with our surroundings - relationships, tasks, duties -- to cleans our spiritual karma. Furthermore, this practice enables us to be integrated more completely with Zen, in "body mind and spirit".

The Last stage is the stage of Enlightenment

This is when everything is purified.  No karma anywhere in our everyday life.  All our duties, relationships, tasks are consummated.  Our body becomes a light.  Our Mind becomes a light and our spirit becomes a light.  Thus "enlightenment".

These steps are not sequential or in stages or discrete by all means. All Dharma are for living it as a tour guide only.

Again, these are just words which trying to describe the path to enlightenment, while for 3,700 years, it has been described by many masters already. 

Look inward, open ourselves completely, let the universal Chi come to us.  It is there.  Always there for us to resonate with. Don't "seek or search" for it.  Any ripple from ourselves disrupts our "sensivity to it."

Namaste. Buddha blesses all.  Be Joyous,
JMJM - the limited

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