Deep Bowl To Ven Bhante Vimalaramsi,

I am very interested in your CD or MP3 file.  How many Megabytes (MB) is it?

What can I do to be able to receive a copy.

The term "Dependent Origination" is foreign to me. I can not correlate this term to the Chinese text I know.  Can you detail it a bit more. 

Thank you and much obliged,

dhammastudents <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
A Meditator Puts That One Exact Step Of Relaxing Tightness
Especially In Ones Head And Brain, The Jhana Is Completely Different
And Contemplation While One Is In The Jhana Can Be Done.

Dhamma Greetings Adam,

The whole thing about jhana is when you read the suttas they give
very precise instructions about how to do the Anapanasati
meditation. When one does not follow these instructions exactly and
precisely then they will begin to practice one-pointed concentration
which by the way was rejected by the Bodhisatta. In the post that i
wrote about how to practice the meditation the way the Buddha
taught, I made a lot of statements about relaxing on the in breath
and relaxing on the out breath. Without this one step the jhana
practice becomes very difficult indeed.

The way about one-pointed type of concentration and it is true that
one cannot contemplate while in that type of jhana. But when a
meditator puts that one exact step of relaxing tightness especially
in ones head and brain, the jhana is completely different and
contemplation while one is in the jhana can be done. I know that my
definitions are different from the Pali text Society and many other
people who practice meditation and it is because of their not
understanding or practicing the meditation with the step of relaxing
in it.

When I say that each stage or step of jhana is a level of
understanding, I mean that the meditator learns more and more about
how Dependent Origination actually occurs. And this agrees with the
suttas very closely. As the meditator begins to see exactly how
mind's attention moves from one thing to another they begin to see
that this is an impersonal process and are able to observe more and
more closely exactly how it occurs.

When we hear what someone says the way to find out what was said is
to compare it to the suttas and vinaya. I have made it a habit to
read the sutta and then explain it while I give a Dhamma talk. So my
interpretation may be different from many other people who teach.

The way I teach and have my students follow is by being as precise
and exact as possible with the actual suttas. As a result, many,
many people are able to experience jhana quickly. When I am teaching
metta, if one of my students don't attain a jhana within a few days
I start asking them what they are doing and why aren't they
following the instructions more carefully. Actually I like to teach
metta more than I like to teach anapanasati because the progress in
the meditation is so much faster. And when one practices metta their
daily activities are easier to follow and smile.
Do you have an MP3 that plays CD's? I have a CD that has all of my
talks from the Joshua Tree Retreat on it but it is in the MP3
format. Other wise I won't be able to send you the talks until we
make more copies and it will be a series of 12 CD's for the Joshua
Tree Retreat. It may take 3 or 4 weeks with the high quality set of
12 CD's. These talks have both the basic practices and the more
advanced talks, so you can have a good grounding in the way I teach.
So please tell me which kind of format is best for you and I will
send it a long as soon as possible.

I do sincerely wish you all kinds of happiness and freedom from all
kinds of suffering.

Maha-Metta 2u
Bhante Vimalaramsi

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