Thank you so much.  Interesting translation.

The word "dependent" is somewhat heavy hearted though in this case.  ----Just an intuitive "sense" without logic or positioning.

Maybe "linked" or "related" or "connected" may offend less ego.  In turn wake up more.........

2,500 years later, people are better educated and more ego-driven.  We parctitioners may begin to use less serious, orthodox words to get the same messages across.

Just a notion flashing over, independent by itself.

I am grateful to your sharing.  A deep bowl to you.

dkotschessa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED]ps.com, donald hwong <donaldhwong@...> wrote:

> The term "Dependent Origination" is foreign to me. I can not
correlate this term to the Chinese text I know. Can you detail it a
bit more.
> Thank you and much obliged,
> Donald


I know you were not asking me but as you haven't seen an answer I
thought I might try to help. Dependent origination is also sometimes
known as "dependent co-arising," and the Pali word is paticca-

Today must be your lucky day too, becuase when I did a search on the
term as it is in Pali, I found a chinese text!


English version:


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