On Wednesday, August 09, 2006 kahtychen wrote:
Kahty, Thanks for this post.

>To me, the more interesting questions raised by the film concerns our
>interest in using scientific language to prove our consciousness and
>validate our physical and metaphysical experiences (think "intelligent
>design"!!). With intersubjectivity looming as the great
<epistemological frontier of the 21st Century, and the dawn of the
>Enlightenment a dim memory, what fabulous questions are in store for
>monkey minds!?!?

I especially liked your phrasing "... using scientific language to prove our
consciousness and validate our physical and metaphysical experiences".  I
believe it is a good basis for a definition of 'religion', as in:

'Religion is a collection of faith-based concepts expressed in symbols and
language and used to explain consciousness and validate our physical and
metaphysical experiences.'
(And no, Michael, I didn't read that in a book.)

>We have lived an eon of "reason", what if we're headed for an eon of
>"faith"? What of the language of Buddhism? It is looked to as a wise
>Master here, since it's language covers breaches of empirical evidence
>with elegant dispassion. The Four Noble Truths are basically an
>ancient Rx, are they not?!

I believe 'reason' and 'faith' are not mutually exclusive concepts.  I
believe 'faith' is a superset, and 'reason' is a subset of 'faith'.  Reason
itself (and all its fellow-travelers like logic, mathematics, science,
etc...) are based on faith - faith in the existence and operation of

I believe Science (Logic/Mathematics/Reason) is a Religion based on an
absolute Faith in the concept and operation of Cause-and-Effect which we
employ to help us describe Reality which (as DaveK has correctly pointed
out) we create.

We create reality, we create faith, we create religions (including
Buddhism), we create science, mathematics (why is this word plural?), logic,
reason; we create (not discover) quantum physics.  We, we, we - I, I, I.

When the 'I' disappears, so does reality, faith, religion, mathematics,
science, quantum physics - and cause-and-effect.

There is just this.  (And yes, Michael, I might have read that or something
like it in a book somewhere.)

..Oh yeah, and there is Bill!

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