Very logical answer!

The point of this story is we're missing information
on why one was hired and one was not. Same thing when
we try to intellectualize (sp?) Zen with books. It
will give you a good base, but never the full story.
In Zen, you first experience it, as the intellect only
grabs a portion of the real picture.

The way I imagine the scenario is that in the first
case, the candidate just put pepper without thinking,
as an automatic act. In the second one, the candidate
actually used his smell to experience the soup, and
then acted upon what felt right for him.

Same action, different process. 

Of course, the hiring manager had to be aware enough
to detect the difference in approaches.

But this is only my interpretation of this. There are
many ways of seeing this, as we can fill in the
missing pieces in many ways...

Good Zazen!

--- Bill Smart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Friday, August 11, 2006 DaveK wrote:
> > Situation one.
> > The hiring manager has dinner with the first
> > candidate. When he sees the candidate putting
> pepper
> > in his soup without touching it, he doesn't even
> take
> > a look at his resume, and ask him to leave.
> >
> > The hiring manager has dinner with a second
> candidate.
> > When he sees the candidate putting pepper in his
> soup
> > without touching it, he gives him a job, being
> sure
> > that this person would be a fine addition to his
> team.
> >
> > What is the difference in the two scenarios?
> >
> That's an easy one!
> In the first scenario resulted in the candidate is
> dismissed.  In the second
> scenario the candidate is hired.
> ..Bill!
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