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> Hello DavidK,
> This is good stuff.  May I have your permission to quote some of 
these in our website?

Go for it.  The stuff I quoted is from the New Testament, "New Living 
Translation," which is a modern and less oppressive translation than 
the KJV. 

> Also you mentioned, "The "spirit" is the energy of mindfulness"
> Actually our school teaches that the life force and wisdom of the 
universe is pure energy.  All we have to do is to sync with it. No 
need of sutras, teachings, KOAN, just proper meditaton technique.  
Everything else is for eviction of the mind.

I know I'm repeating myself, but it's all just words to me.  My main 
point is that it doesn't matter what you call it. 

Some Zen practitioners think that reality is ineffable, unexplainable, 
wordless, etc.  Then they attach themselves to "innefable, 
unexplainable, wordless, etc."  That becomes their definition of 
reality.  It offends their delicate zen sensibilities to go around 
talking about the holy spirit, which is amusing.

Often for those traumatized by a Judeo-christian upbringing, it digs 
up bitter feelings.  They got into Zen to escape from all that.  

Oh, did I mention that by "they" I mean "me?"  I realized that this 
kind of bitterness was an impediment to my practice, and that just 
sitting on a zafu and ignoring it wasn't helping.  It became a kind of 
escapism.  So I engaged in my practice a different way.  

I suspect a lot of people are in the same position but are hiding in 
their zazen. 


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