A deep bowl to you all. 

I am just sharing as is and not emphasizing nor categorizing.

The key point is her "new" experience, while she is not expecting and not following any kind of methodology.

I don't know the term "samsarah" please help.

As to the sensing and sharing the discomfort of others are experienced by most of our diligent practitioners.

Based on her description, there seems no "frequent or constant glimpse". I believe that she was just overwhelmed.  And she is much content in sitting long hours now.

Our "Dharma Wheel" is similar to the chakra, but may not be excactly the same.  I suspect that we had strong Daoist influence.  Like FengShui and Accupuncture. I have not had the chance to dig any further.  But they work great for our practitioners and myself, especially practiced together with the 36 Motion Chan from BodhiDharma.

I suspect there are a lot of differences yet to be discovered.  Chinese Chan were destroyed in Communist China and has a very short history in the US.  Our school has not begin to teach in the US yet.  So far most of our practitioners are from Taiwan and learned there.

And yes, I am honored to be ordained by a Chinese LinChi Chan Master.  I don't consider myself any different.  I am learning like everyone else.  With this Dharma honor, I actually have to practice and study a little harder. Meaning, my finger works only some of the time, if it does work at all. :-D

I use my Dharma name of JMJM only for paying deep respect to Dharma I was taught and transmit the Dharma blessing to others.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. 


Bill Smart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Over the past few days Donald and John exchanged:

>>...[snip]...She also experiences glimpse of events.

>...[snip]...Seeing glimpses of events is something
>...[blasphemy about books snipped]...
>that is regarded as samsarah. Can you assist me in this

Full-blown prescience is indeed Samsara. 'Glimpses', however are only
Petite Sarah.

However, I'm very interested to see what Donald has to say to this.


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