Recently Donald and John Davis exchanged:

>> I don't know the term "samsarah" please help.

>Sanskrit for delusion or illusion, I'm not sure which...But in Japanese Zen
>Korean) defeating it is the goal of meditation. When you defeat samsarah,
you reach
>kensho or enlightenment...Or so I recall from "The Three Pillars of Zen"...

I agree with John.  I've always seen 'samsara' translated as 'delusion'.

I've like the analogy of buddha nature described as a diamond which is
covered by layers and layers of mud.  Zen is the process of pealing off the
layers of mud to reveal the diamond.  The mud is samsara.  The 'stickiness'
of the mud is karma.  Zazen is like soaking the ball of mud in water to
dissolve the mud.  Other techniques, like koans, are like hitting the ball
of mud to dislodge big chunks all at once.  'Kensho' is like breaking off
enough of the mud to reveal a glimpse of the diamond.  Various levels of
'enlightenment' are revealing more and more of the diamond.  A 'bodhisattva'
is someone who has completely freed the diamond, polished it and displays it
for the benefit of all sentient beings.  A 'buddha' no longer clings to this

Examples of samsara are the concepts of 'self', 'chakras', 'Daoism',
'Buddhism', 'Lin Chi Chan', 'zen', 'kensho', 'enlightenment', and of course
'buddha' and  'buddha nature'.


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