Thinking, whether it be Western or Eastern, does not have anything MISSING. 
Thinking, when not put in proper perspective, ADDS a lot of activity that is
unnecessary and misleading.

All that is necessary to practice zen is to sit (do zazen - zen
meditation).  To sit means just that - to sit.  Nothing more.  It's that
simple.    It doesn't mean to sit AND count your breathes and focus you
concentration on your hara or work on a koan, fix your gaze on a spot on the
wall or chant a mantra; although all of the aforementioned activities can be
used as beginning techniques to bring you to a point where you can just
sit.  And sitting doesn't even necessarily mean physically sitting.  You can
practice zazen whether you're sitting in the lotus position or on a chair,
or walking around or driving your car.  Sitting, to me, actually refers to
placing your intellectual/thinking mind into a state of inactivity, rather
than your body.  Although as with the items mentioned before, sitting
motionless in a quiet room can be used as a beginning technique.

Teachers, books, websites, zen forums, etc., are like all the other
techniques - they can be useful in the beginning you get you started and
keep you going until you can just sit.  But teachers, books, etc., can also
be hindrances if you start paying too much attention to what they are saying
and not concentrating on what you are doing - and that is to just sit.

Good luck in your quest!  You're on the road now.  There is no turning back;
there is only the road ahead or regret in not taking it.

And welcome to the Zen Forum.Bill!


topezdragon_42 wrote:

Hello every one.
I become interested in Zen after reading a book about the eastern 
ways. it seems to me to have something that western thinking has been 

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