Hello Mayka,

We see oursevles in all of our posts.  I am not commenting whether you are 
being abrupt or not.  Rather I am asking you to initiate a discussion as you 
intended.  Allen already said it,  all is Zen and Zen is all.  Abrupt or not is 
also Zen.  There is no duality with a Zen practitioner.  At least we try....

As you said, our experiences comes out naturally no matter how others comment, 
categorize as, or witness differently.  It is hard for most of us to share 
honestly.  It is much easier to comment on other's practice.  I respect your 
courage and endeavor.  And I will support you.

Mahalo, namaste, welcome,

Phillip Rogers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                                  
Interesting. However, discussion is useful and can help those of us who are 
unelightened. That is why Buddha and Jesus taught so that we can know and 
understand and the  transcend. Zen is everything and everything is Zen if it is 
done with attention and awareness. From internet discussion and Dharma talks to 
discussion of practice methods it is all Zen.

Mayka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
       Dear Donald:

It's good to meet you. In response to your question about if I can 
share my experience and practice, I would like to tell you that 
Practice and experiences are shared as they come naturally out. Would 
you mind to rephrase a little bit your question?. I know that my 
presentation was a little bit abrupt and please do all forgive me. I 
suppose I am a little bit tired of days of searching lively groups. 
People who are not afraid to talk. We are not enlightened, why then we 
should be so dull and pretend something that we are not?. Let's just 
be oneselves!. Let's practice together and exchange our real 
experiencies. This is all what I meant.

A white Lotus from


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