Good weekend to all,

Another group has asked me to upload a file as a intro and guide for beginners' 
meditation practice.  I shall do so also with this group.  

If the admin of this group did not like it, please just delete it.


Phillip Rogers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                                  
First go to a few posts by Donald a few days ago he has some pretty interesting 
posts on beginners Zen Meditation. I do the belly breathing meditation that he 
posted every evening. However, in the morning I do this practice: I first 
stretch to prepare my body for meditation, then I sit and relax my body. I 
adjust my sitting so that I am straight backed, the best thing to do is to 
elevate your butt because that makes it easier to sit straight. get comfortable 
for a few minutes. Then cross your legs and place your hands in your lap or on 
your knees. Try and rid your body of all tension. Take a few deep breaths and 
then just breath NORMALLY, do not try and force your breath. let your attention 
rest on your breath at the tip of your nose. Know that when you breath in you 
are breathing in, etc. Softly attend to your breath do not force your 
attention. When you lose concentration then acknowledge that your mind wandered 
then gently bring it back to your breath.
   Meditation is very difficult because we are trying to undo what we have done 
since our birth which is run from thought to though without concentration, but 
it gets easier. Also remember that in Zen what works for you will be best we 
cannot become attached to anyone method, but we must use whatever works for us. 
Breathing meditation seems to be the easiest for beginners. I hope this helps.
jbaby36 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
      Peace to you all. I am new to  zazen, And, my feet have only just 
touched the river of Zen. I sit, breathe, and, try to loose myself 
from within. But, the noise of a restless mind, brings me little 
peace. What am I doing wrong? My belly burns from breathing. I feel 
like 5 minutes have passed. But, when I open my eyes, I see only 3 
have. I do not expect much from my first time. But, can it truly be 
THIS hard? Please, someone help me see what am I doing wrong?



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