Mayka wrote:

Dear Bill:
Do you feel yourself as an enlightened person?. It seems as my piece 
of written has offended your ego. Sorry, I didn't mean!.

Mayka, In a very recent post you wrote:

"We are not enlightened, why then we should be so dull and pretend something
that we are not?."

In my previous post I asked you why you said that.  Your response is above. 
I did not bring up the topic, you did.  I did not claim to be enlightened,
you asserted you and no one on this Forum were.  My question was not about
me, it was about you.

I'll ask you again:  Why did you say that?  Why do you think you are not
enlightened, and why do you think no one else on this Forum is enlightened?

We are all enlightened.  We all have Buddha nature.  Why then should we be
so dull and pretend we are something that we are not?

That's the real question.Bill!

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