I think that everyone faces this. All of us start out with some negative 
habits. But we just keep trudging along as best as we can and do better.... 
that is the blessing of mindfulness and being aware of our every action, 
feeling, etc. When we do this we do not have to dwell on the feelings, etc. we 
just let them go and move on. One buddhist writer said that the true essence of 
the Buddha's teaching is found in his teaching on impermanence. Things come and 
then they go, they arise and then they fall...that is the true essence of 
  Mayka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
          Dear friends:

Under Donald suggestion I would like to bring as a theme for practice 
and dharma discussion the theme about negative emotions. I like to 
talk about negative emotions because they harm me and they also harm 
life around me. It worries me very much to have negative emotions 
because when these negative emotions arise in me I become a rather 
destructive person and that scares me a lot. We all people are like 
flowers. Different countries have different flowers and paesage. I 
am very much a Mediterranean flower which means full of passion and 
warm. Mediterranean people we seem to feel life to its very 
extremes. This is not very buddhist but this is the sort of flower I 
am. The practice I have been trying to do for years is the practice 
of stopping. The practice of stopping means that first I acknowledge 
the negative emotion. Then I sit down, close my eyes and breathe 
with the awareness of the in and out breath. When I do this in full 
awarenes of the emotion, feeling it and embracing it, then and 
depending upon the power or strenght of the negative emotion in me; 
The five or ten inhalations and exhalations can be of excruciating 
mental pain. The emotion becames really bitter and the awarenes os 
the breath becames like the desifectant of the wound. But I hold and 
embrace its bitternes. I don't run away, I stay with it for as long 
as it needs. Then at certain point I know through the way the air 
circulates alone my spine and the up and down of my abdomen whether 
the knot of suffering has been disolved or not. But don't get me 
wrong I do fail very often of stopping because the habit energy is so 
strong in me that I can not make it alone!. Perhaps this is an 
important reason searching like mad practicioners in the net so that 
I can have the support of a sangha.
Do you have yourselves negative emotions?. How do you deal with 
them?. Please share with the group your all experiences. 

Thank you Donald for your suggestions.
A white flower to you all from:


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