Hi Jennifer,

You have asked where, what, how about Donald.  Since Fudo Sensei posted that he 
is more Asian than others.  The following is about me.

I was born in Shanghai, raised in Taiwan, Catholic high schooled in Japan, EE 
at Berkeley in the 60s. with Buddhist Grandma, Protestan Father.  I loved 
Nietsche, Watts, Krishnamurti, as well as being a choir conductor at church.  
Four different versions of Ave maria were hymmed constantly by me.  A sort of 
realy mixed up, jammed together but happy go lucky fellow most of the time.  
Deep down, I know there is an answer for all my questions somewhere.  There is 
got to be something more than just living happily.

Then I encountered, "Learn without words. Transmit without formality."  These 
words made more sense to me than most of the philosophers, bibles, theories, 
religions, etc.  These words sort of combined all of them together.   It was 
from a Taiwanese School of Chan (pronounced Zen in Japan).

I was then taught and practiced Sitting Zen (exact same Chinese characters as 
Zazen in Japanese).  I practiced nothing but Sitting for three years in Los 
Angeles, taught by one of our Master's disciple, Jue Miao Young Lian(age 69). 
This Sitting of ours, is very demanding with detailed charts, procedures and 
energy flows. (Available on our website)

In these years of half lotus, I witness changes in many practitioners, some 
physical, some mental, some spiritual.  Being an engineering major, I tried 
hard to apply logic to explain everything that I have witnessed.  But I was not 
successful.  There were too many phenomenon just can not be explained by logic, 
science, words.  In general, those who do practice dilligently do become 
happier, healthier and easier to be with, including myself. 

It took me four years, to have my internal Chi flowing to all my chakras and 
channels without obstruction. Then the concept of "Purity, Wisdom, Consummation 
and Enlightenment" was taught to me. These are our guidelines to our own 
enlightenment. I guess I was considered ready to begin the practice of 
fulfillment, consummation and carrying the karma of others.

For the first fifteen years, our Master taught only Sitting Zen  and these four 
words. Without any sutras, because without having a somewhat clean body and 
mind to receive, words can be confusing, interpretive and even self-serving. 
Words and concepts are dangerous and do create karma.

Even after I was ordained to be a teacher, I am still reminded to beware of the 
Eight Winds.  The bigger the Buddha, the bigger the Devil.

As you can perceive by now, our school is very rigid and structured.  
Everything is well defined.  Yet to understand, to witness and to absorb the 
Dharma requires effort, dedication, fortitude, etc. (Six Acts of Perfection)

In our school, we talk less and Sit More.  You may probably notice that I often 
say, "Practice and you shall witness."  It also means, don't think, don't 
analyze, don't argue, just experience through your spirit(or chi).

We are each Buddha within.  Each school is different.  Karma and Cause & Effect 
(not words, but witness) placed each of us at different schools.  These are our 
journey and our challenge.

As long as we remain an open heart, we shall be able to live through every word 
in Diamond Sutra.  Diamond Sutra like Heart Sutra are not just guidelines to be 
studied, chanted or analyzed, they are also our experiences.

Chan is well defined in our school.  It is the life force and wisdom of the 
universe.  It is to be connected to and synchronized with.  We all can.  Just 
have to practice.

With Best Intentions To Everyone,
Jue Miao Jing Ming (My Dharma Name)

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