I have no aspirations.


I arise when I wake.  I eat when I'm hungry.  I pick up litter when I see
it.   I comfort others when I feel their pain.  I sleep when I'm tired.


That is enough for me.




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What are your all noble aspirations?. Mine is to achieve profound 
peace. This is how I see peace and how I work towards it: 

What is Peace?

In its purest form, peace is inner silence. It is the substance of 
nirvana, the clarity of the mind. It's the energy that comes from a 
pure mind free from negative thoughts, negative mental formations, 
negative feelings, negative emotions... The first step in the process 
of peace consists of first acknowledging one's thoughts, mental 
formations, sensations, emotions, feelings; and then looking for the 
roots of all that through careful analisis and examination. Finally 
to uproot them all, one by one. This is what zazen is for. By 
opening the window of the inner peace, we are able to transform our 
impurities in purity. 

Peace means good health in the body and the mind. Has anyone ever 
seen somebody dying with no peace?. Although, I haven't, it is easy 
to imagine the kind the horrific death of someone without peace.

No spirituality, no wellbeing, no harmony, no serenity, no balance, 
no transformation of suffering.... can exist without it. 

With respect


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