If, as you correctly pointed out it has been said: 'this very mind is
Buddha' and therefore I am complete just as I am, what could you possibly
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This is Nikhil Gangoli from Pune India.

Frankly I have joined this group partly to promote my wesbite

Taoism and Zen Buddhism are some of the subjects dealt with in the

I have been fascinated by Zen as it has such a paradoxical approach to
enlightenment. If you 

compare it with Theravada Buddhism for example. Theravada Buddhism
stresses self effort and 

ridding the mind of defilements. It is an austere and strenuous path.

Whereas in Zen the founder of Zen in China said that, "This very mind
is the Buddha. It is a more 

relaxed and accepting philosophy and much more to my taste as I am
frequently very self-critical 

and the last thing I need is for someone to tell me that I need to
change myself.

If you really take the statement that the very mind is the Buddha to
heart you will change in 

your attitude to yourself. You will witness the mind with respect and
reverence and without 

trying to change it. Paradoxically it is just this attitude that opens
up the possibility of 

change as your impulses have room to play themselves out and then you
are free of them. I have 

experienced this in my life.

Anyway visit this page on a Buddhism. It is one of my better articles

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