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Deos anyone know about the concept of work and dicipline in Zen?

There are no concepts in zen, only here and now - that's the point of zen.


How one should train her/his mind to get the best result in work.

Become an apprentice to someone who is doing the kind of work you want to
do.  Second choice would be to go to a school which specialized (or at least
includes in its curriculum) the kind of work you want to do.


I know that they have the concept of emptying mind from every thing, to get
the best result.

Wrong on two counts:

1.       There is no concept of emptying the mind, there is only empty mind

2.       This is not done to get the best result.  There are no expectations
or goals in an empty mind.


I really think that it works. But I need to know in 

detail that how one could work without thinking about anything else but
work itself.

You don't work while thinking about work itself.  You just work.


I know that swordsmen in Japan used to do this. They would
practices for hours without thinking about anything at all. If anyone
has any information about this. I'll be very thankful if you let me

You don't need any information, you've already got way too much of that.
Too much information is already cluttering up your mind so you have trouble
functioning.  All you need to do is sit (zazen) and allow your mind to empty
out.  This is like opening up all the doors and windows in your house to let
the smoke out after a fire.  When the smoke is all gone you can see
everything without trying.  It's all just there and was there all the time.
It was just obscured by the smoke.


thank you.

You're welcome.

P.S. I think one can use it to do better in school.

There you go thinking again.You can't use an empty mind to do anything.  You
just do.




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