Being a member of many Zen Buddhist yahoo groups I noticed that many of 
them are now suffocated by SPAM and also that there are many small and 
inactive Zen Groups.

That's why I made new group called "ZenPaths" at ( 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ) which is not moderated but uses 
moderation for new members just to be sure that they are not spammers.

I also sent this e-mail to some very good and active Zen (and Taoist) 
groups because the purpose/description of this new group has some 
differences and maybe some members are interested, sorry for disturbing 
if not and sorry for those members who (like me) are members in many 
groups and probably received this message more than once.

This is the group's description:

According to the patriarch Bodhidharma Zen Buddhism is:

"A special transmission outside the scriptures
No dependence upon words and letters
Direct pointing to the human mind
Seeing into one's own nature and attaining Buddhahood"

This group is for discussing all forms of Zen Buddhism (also known as 
Chan (Ch'an), Seon (Son) and Thien) and it is also a place for Zen 
Buddhists to communicate between them about whatever topics they find 

In Buddhism it is said that there are 84000 gates to the Dharma, and the 
fourth vow of a Bodhisattva is "I vow to penetrate dharma gates beyond 

Zen Master Kuei-feng Tsung-mi classified the many Paths of Zen in 5 types:
1) Bompu - free from philosophic or religious content, used for physical 
and mental health
2) Gedo - "outside way" or paths outside Buddhism like some Taoist, 
Hindu and Confucian paths
3) Shojo - the Buddhist teachings aimed at taking one individual from 
the state of delusion to the state of liberation, enlightenment
4) Daijo - the highest form of Zen Buddhism with the purpose of seeing 
into your essential nature and realizing the Way in your daily life, the 
Zen of Kensho and Satori
5) Saijojo - Zen Buddhism practiced without desire for gain or profit, 
without any goal like Satori, because one already is a Buddha.
(which one of the last 2 is the highest form of Zen is seen differently 
by different Zen schools like Rinzai and Soto).

This group is for all Zen Buddhist schools and traditions and in general 
for all Paths of Zen like Philosophical Taoism, some Hindu teachings 
like those of Nisargadatta and J. Krishnamurti, ancient Greek 
philosophers like Socrates, the Stoics, Epircurus, Heraclitus with his 
Logos and "Panta Rhei", etc.

Let's not get lost in words and discussions and forget that Zen is Zen 
Practice and not dogma or theory, although speaking with mindfulness and 
compassion is also a good Zen practice.

This group is not moderated, the moderation of new members is only to 
prevent SPAM.

Current Book Discussion: any Zen book that you recently have read or are 
reading! Talk about it today! 
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