Donald Wong wrote:

Hi Bill,

Bored? How is Thailand?  I will be flying to Taiwan and China and Hong Kong
in three weeks.......

Not bored, just wanted to stimulate some activity on the ZenForum.  Thailand
is HOT - close to 40C today.  I hope you have a good trip.

Toward the end of Buddha's life, he transmitted heart to heart the life
force and wisdom without words or formalities to Kasyapa.  BodhiDharma
brought that to China and slowly evolved with other Chinese culture into
Chan, a Chinese name.  700 years later Chan was brought to Japan.  The
Japanese pronounced the same Chinese character - Zen.

Chan I know very well.  Chan in my opinion is the essence of Buddha's
teaching.  There is no difference.  Any difference is in our mind.

Now you can slaughter me.....

No slaughter is forthcoming - at least this time.  I think most everyone (on
this forum anyway) would agree that zen/Chan is the essence of Buddha's
teaching.  What about other spiritual teachers - Moses, Jesus, Mohammed,
Krishna - is zen/Chan the essence of their teachings also?  If you distill
all these teachings down to their bare essence aren't they all talking about
the same thing?  .Bill!

Bill Smart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

What are the differences between 'zen' and 'buddhism'?




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