Witnessing is being in the moment 

Witnessing is being in the moment, being aware, when the observer is
detached from the observed. It is knowing the distance between the
knower and the known. One who is seeing and the one who is being seen
and the bridge in between - when that is known it can be called
witnessing. It isn't what you do, it is how you do. To be a witness-
first you have to be! Being in one's self - being in the being.
Knowing your core.

We are consumed with the other and never with ourselves. Even when we
say we are, it is the mind with which we feel affinity and that too is
absent in most of the people. People are just moving as zombies,
functioning well, faltering sometimes. Attentiveness is found in some
degree in a very small number of individuals; the majority is just
bereft of it. We are not trained to be attentive. The society wants
people who can function within the given slots only. Attentiveness is to
be cultivated. Higher quality of attentiveness is to be brought and then
this will slowly mature into sharp attentiveness and this further ripens
into witnessing.



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