If I can add something here, I believe we're all on a spiritual journey and 
this group is one of stops along the way. 


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I recently made some postings that caused some participants 
unpleasantness. Sometimes that's okay, and I certainly have been 
know to purposely rattle a few cages, but in these recent postings 
that was not my intent. So...I would like to clarify my past and 
future postings as follows:

I do not own this forum, so cannot exclude anyone. For the most part 
I wouldn't want to exclude anyone, with the possible exception of 
those that blatantly post marketing material. Al, the forum 
moderator, can exclude participants, but I have not known of a case 
in the past 3 or 4 years that he has done so.

We all participate in this forum voluntarily. Some particpate very 
seriously, some jokingly. Some, like me, participate sometimes 
seriously, and sometimes jokingly. I offer no apologies for this.

Most importantly, you should not depend on this forum for spritual or 
other advice. Do not believe everything you read here, or anywhere 
for that matter.

Believe in youself. Just sit. If you're lucky enough to have found 
a good teacher or group with which to participate, beleive in them 
with all your heart. They will help you in your practice. 
Enlightenment is a product of the desire of the student, not the 
skill of the teacher. A earnest teacher cannot lead a false student 
to enlightenment. On the other hand a earnest student can become 
enlighted under a false teacher; or without a teacher at all.

Just sit.


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