The word 'sincere' is somewhat subjective but always understood from the first 
person point of view, i.e., knowing when you are being sincere is easier than 
knowing when others are.
  I'm sure that the people in the court who heard the zen master pluck the one 
note on an instrument when the emporer asked the meaning of it all thought this 
guy was either crazy, or just being insincere in his one note plucking answer 
to the emporer.
  And yet, the zen master could have indeed been expressing his answer to the 
question in the most sincere was possible.
  What's great about the net for a board like this is; even if some things are 
off topic or downright WAY off topic, even when something offends us, etc., and 
makes us think it's a bad use for the forum itself, no paper has been wasted. 
Like spam, we can just hit a button and move on to the next that may be a 
little useful.
  I think the better question would be, how many of us actually keep up with 
our practice in a way that benefits us.
  Zen can be Zazen - and that may include some discussion in between those 
practicing periods... or it can be something we apporach from a purely 
intellectual point of view.
  Not to appear dogmatic, but for practical reasons, I really think you can 
only toss around the ideas of Zen if you're sitting regularly. Zen doesn't work 
well for an armchair topic even though lots of people enjoy making it such.
  So -- if you're reading this and realizing that you haven't spent a few 
minutes sitting today, why not get away from the computer and do a little 
  After all, it only takes a few minutes...........

pandabananasock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> skrev:
          After about a year of inactivity, I have resumed posting on this 
forum. I've had a lot more 
time than usual to spend online due to my high-maintenance girlfriend's recent, 
temporarily disabling operation (just a foot surgery, nothing serious) and the 
fact that she 
is pretty much useless in her disabled, opiate-riddled condition. I've been 
working odd 
hours and posting in-between making her food and running her errands.

THE POINT IS: only one of my recent posts has been sincere, about an actual 
concerning Zazen (that really long one). A couple have been half sincere and 
half in jest. 
And most have just been short and in jest. I remember at one point there was a 
big push 
by the moderator to focus posts on sharing ideas from books, teachers, and 
practice, and to avoid just posting a few self-serving paragraphs about our 
boundless knowledge of Zen without citing where we got these ideas, and to also 
masturbatory diatribes about how much more Zenner we are than other people 
(Wierd Al 
Yankovic said it best: "Think you're pure of heart? I know I'm a million times 
as humble as 
thou art!").

I admit it, I'm probably one of the most guilty of self-service and 
non-citation on this 
forum, however:
I don't want to dilute the message board.
I don't want to come off as self-serving, one of those people who seem to post 
just to be 
able to read their own words in masturbatory awe.
I don't want to post little jokes in response to people who are seeking sincere 
from experienced practitioners, if is a waste of the seekers' time.

I guess I am just unsure of the boundaries, but I am young (23!!), 
inexperienced, and 
maybe possibly only be posting more due to my on-call at-home status. I realize 
this forum does not consider itself an authority on zen, but I would like to 
know what the 
moderator and other members feel that the boundaries concerning sincerity 
should be so 
that this forum's members and I may progress in a manner that is most congruent 
to the 
goals of the forum and membership.

So how about it? Is there a line to be crossed, and if so, where should it be 
drawn? What 
does everyone think?


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