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Last time I posted a bunch of penis jokes and later a
felt all bad and stuff. Is discomfort really any more
of an "obstacle" than comfort is an "opportunity"? 
Methinks when you're cold, be cold buddha. When
you're hot, be hot buddha. But that is just what

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> <pandabananasock> Maybe try zazen in the bathtub or
> pool. I don't know 
> how buoyant your penis is, but floating it might
> help.
> > 
> As a black man, I am glad to read this topic. I have
> some prolbem with 
> my penis too when I am trying to set the zaazen
> meditation. It can be 
> downrite umcomfortable. 
> I have found that wearing double-underwear can help
> or wearing tight 
> underewear. 
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