Chris and Jackson,


Why are either of your offended at anything anyone posts on this forum?  Or
even says to you in the street?  Do you think you somehow deserve 'respect'?


Respect is something you give, not something you deserve - or should expect
or should demand.


The respect you give is genuine.  The respect you demand is a hunger of your
ego for recognition and validation.  If you earnestly sit zen (zazen) you
are able to tame your ego and allow it to recede into the background.


It is my belief that full enlightenment involves completely discarding the


No more I.  Only THIS!




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"Jackson Masters" 
> "cid830" <I guess I feel I am defending those who do not defend 
> > themselves. sometimes I feel you have respond on such a level that 
> the offender may understand. > Humbly,<
> > 
> As a black man, I am offended that you think you have to speak up 
> me. I can speak up for myself. I do not need to be spoken for.

Yes, Jack, i see. As a white man, I was speaking for the Zen 
practitioners who are above being offended. It is my belief that a 
good practitioner can hear an insult and not think twice about it. It 
doesn't bother them in the slightest, therefore they would not 
respond. Me, not being a good practitioner, was responding to that 
insult on their behalf... Right or Wrong... Probably Wrong!


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