Couldn`t you just get the kids to sew cushions for the local temple? That way 
the practioners get a comfortable session, you get a pat on the head from your 
roshi and the kids wipeout years of their negative karma. 

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Cynth <wrote:> What bothers me the most is the attitude that somehow 
those who have developmental disabilities are considered as less than 
human >

I used to feel the same as you do, but I work in the public school 
system, and the Union Steward told us that there are certain classes 
where less is expected, and we are not to stand out because it makes 
the other teachers look bad. 

Physical Education, Special Ed, and the Arts and Crafts classes are 
basically classes where a lot of subbbing happens because most of the 
time the teachers that get assigned to those classes are there due to 
substance abuse issues. They take a lot of time off and that gives 
other teachers a chance to make extra money. However, if you hot-dog 
it, then you might get assigned the class permanently and that ruins 
if for everyone else. 

We make good money on Overtime, and nobody wants to rock the boat. I 
used to feel sorry for the poor kids, but now I realize that the less 
educated they are, the more funds that they qualify for from the 
social workers that help the parents. So it is a Win-Win situation. 


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