Hi Al,
I get the feeling from the general thrust of your posts that you're looking for 
something, some kind of meaning to your existence. Nothing wrong with that, but 
IMHO there is nothing to look for - no spiritual experience, no angels, no God, 
no Enlightenment, no heaven/hell, no Saviour to come and rescue us, no book or 
scriptures (nothing Holy)  The only thing that is real is this moment now (JUST 
THIS! ala Bill!)- nothing else exists outside of it. Nothing can exist outside 
of it. Anything else is just wishful thinking and obscures a direct experience 
of THIS. The simpleness of Zen is not disappointing (or "lame-O" :) !), but 
liberates us from delusional thinking - and hence, unhappiness. Could ultimate 
reality really be anything morer than just pure simplicity? Mike.

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From: Edgar Owen >Right, let go of everything. No attachments. Only 

If that is all Zen is, it seems pretty lame-O. I thought the idea of getting 
to ONLY THIS is what JM was talking about. You get to the impermanence in 
order to get to the CHI, the life-force.

You are saying that just getting to the VOID is all there is. That is what I 
would call the hole in your soul. 



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