Yes, dancing can be zen. Anything can be zen, but especially if one dances with one's chi that is Zen. The problem is one can get hung up in particular dance moves or have one's Zen distracted by the music or one's partner or whatever rather than moving directly to the chi. The kind of dancing I do nowadays I call Krsna dancing. I just empty myself as completely as I can of all internal forms and chi traps and blockages which might hinder the free flow of chi, and let the chi of the moment flow through me and move me to the continual divine (not in any religious sense, but just in the sense of the overwhelming here nowness reality of reality!) music of the Uni-Verse.

See my response to Mike's post for more on how this works.


On Sep 4, 2008, at 1:49 PM, Camila Diehl wrote:

I am from Brazil, and we like dance, even dance as martial arts. The power of dance is chi also. Dancing is like zazen, as much as walking zazen?

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