At the time of the experience I had no real background in spirituality/religion 
at all (in fact I would say I was agnostic, but leaning heavily towards 
atheism). One evening watching tv it felt like I was struck in the face and all 
of a sudden all sound in the room ceased (even tho' the tv was still on). All 
objects took on a kind of blueish/crystaline hue like being inside a crystal 
cave and I was aware that all labels/concepts had disappeared. Everything 
looked just like it should in it's purity/simplicity without the web of 
labels/concepts we overlay things with. Although there were thoughts there was 
no 'I' experiencing them. Inside and outside boundaries completely vanished so 
that it felt like my head had been removed and had been replaced by the room, 
the immediate outside and the sky. Thoughts seemed to just 'hang' in this space 
and the most prevalant one was, "This is it! This is so simple and so Real!". I 
honestly thought that I could stay in
 this state permantely, or at least return to it at will (no such luck!). After 
about 20 mins of this 'clarity' I felt the most undescribable feeling of bliss 
travelling up my spine - like a kind of liquid love. If you can imagine the 
feeling of love when you first fall for someone, well, it was like that times a 
100. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for the liberating feeling 
of the experience (even tho' I felt completely unworthy of it), but I had no 
idea who to address this gratitude to. I guess the whole thing lasted about an 
hour and a half although there was no sense of time during it. Mike.

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What was that experience? 



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